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Thaba Bosiu

Located 24km outside of the city of Maseru, Thaba Bosiu is a National Monument and Lesotho's foremost tourist destination holding great historical significance as the birthplace of the Basotho People.

It is a sandstone plateau where King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho Nation established what turned out to be a formidable fortress that protected his People during amongst others, the Lifaqane (Mfecane) war. "Thaba Bosiu" which means "Mountain at Night" was believed to possess supernatural powers which made it grow into a tall mountain during the night leaving enemies who tried scaling it still stranded on its cliffs and vulnerable for attack the next morning.

There are daily guided tours up the Thaba Bosiu plateau where the visitor has the opportunity to see the ruins of the Royal Village, the Mountain Sand Dunes as well as the grave of King Moshoeshoe I.

The Cultural Village

The Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village is located at the foot of the Thaba Bosiu plateau and is set along the Rafutho axis which is the main path up the mountain.

The Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village (TBCV) is a privately managed, multifaceted hospitality facility that has turned the Thaba Bosiu National Monument into a vibrant tourist destination. The TBCV comprises of a 41 chalet lodge with restaurant and bar, a conference facility for a variety of meetings and events, a site museum and traditional village as well as performance venues comprising of large grounds and an 800 seat amphitheatre.

For any tourist to Lesotho, the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village is a "must see" destination for a contemporary, yet uniquely Lesotho experience.


The Operators

Established in 2008, Thaba Ea Liphofung (Pty) Ltd. is a wholly owned and managed Basotho company that operates the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village. Thaba Ea Liphofung (Pty) Ltd owns and manages "The Village" brand which includes the logo, slogan, corporate colours and a brand standard that speaks of a tourism experience that is uniquely Lesotho.

To be at the centre of Lesotho's tourism development by providing world class hospitality services along the sustainability agenda through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.

To inspire and lead the transformation of Lesotho into a preferred African destination.

Leadership, Integrity, Passion, Hospitality, Originality, Fulfillment, Unity, Nationality and Growth